To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Word Intermediate Level.

Course Overview

Student will learn how to create interactive forms, webpages, and macros, use reviewing tools, and create document references like Table of Contents, Indices and Footnotes. Instruction will be personalized by version.

Advanced Word Topics

  1. Work with forms
  2. Work with webpages
  3. What is a Macro
  4. Set macro security
  5. Record a macro
  6. Assign a macro to a keystroke or quick access toolbar
  7. Reviewing documents
  8. Add, edit, navigate and delete comments
  9. Track and review changes
  10. Track changes options
  11. Inspect the document
  12. Prepare for sharing
  13. Compare and combine documents
  14. Protect documents
  15. Create and modify outlines
  16. Create a table of contents from heading styles
  17. Create a table of contents from an outline
  18. format, modify and update a TOC
  19. Add footnotes and endnotes
  20. Use bookmarks – use cross references
  21. Create a bibliography
  22. Manage bibliography sources and choose styles
  23. Add captions and create a table of figures
  24. Mark entries and create an index
  25. Update and modify an index
  26. Create and update a table of authorities
  27. Create a master document
  28. Create and work with sub documents
  29. What is XML and why is it used?
  30. Use the XML structure pane
  31. Tag a document
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